The American Road Trip: Montana

Raft Guide (Spencer), MT
Gabriella’s friend Spencer was our host in Missoula and after showing us around the local bar scene (which is a happening one), he took us out on his raft the following day.

I-90 Overpass, Clark Fork, MT

Clark Fork, MT
We floated down the Clark Fork west of Missoula. Even for a weekday there were quite a few other rafters out.
Spencer and Gabriella Soaking, MT
It wasn’t Arizona hot, but the sun was shining hard that day. About halfway through we grounded the boat on a beach and took a dip in the cool waters.
Rafting Clark Fork, MT
This was our vessel. It’s fun to kind of try out these other sports besides cycling. One of these rafts costs about what a good quality mountain bike costs nowadays.

Gabriella, Clark Fork, MT

Clark Fork Beach, MT

50,000 Silver Dollar Bar, MT
On our way towards Idaho we stopped at the 50,000 Silver Dollar bar, which you guessed it, their bar is full of silver dollars.

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