Bikepacking the Capitol State Forest

I promised this time would be more about bikes than the last few. Gabriella went to school in Olympia and still has some good friends in town, so I decided to do an overnighter in the Capitol State Forest (where I’d been before) to let her have some time with her friends.


The cool thing about Capitol Forest is that you can link single track all the way across the forest. Sure there’s a decent amount of horses, but if you come in the water, horses aren’t allowed on single track. There’s actually three different ways to cross via singlet rack with endless fire roads.
The Carver doing what I intended it for. Only wish I had 3″ tires.


The view I woke up to at my campsite. I had to settle on a more DIY site as horse trailers occupied every site. Some people were friendly and inviting, others, not so much; someone’s gotta keep the hate alive.
This was one of the rare flat sections of trail. The single track was a lot of tight climbing and descending, The climbs were real tough and the descents were over far too soon. I only made it about half way of how far I wanted to go.
Rain forests of the Pacific North West are a great place for macro photography. I’d love to come explore with a macro lens someday.


Open patches like this remind you that this is just as much a conservation effort as one of commerce.



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